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  1. Examples of reclamation in a Sentence pumped water out of the field as part of the land reclamation program designed to provide farmers with more farmland Recent Examples on the Web As an adult Valera started hiking not as an act of reclamation.
  2. Sep 16,  · The Bureau of Reclamation is launching a prize competition to improve short-term streamflow forecasts. Evolving data science such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and high-performance computing are starting to be used in streamflow forecasting. The Streamflow Forecast Rodeo competition seeks to spur innovation using these technologies.
  3. Since , ALROSA have been annually financing the land reclamation and the recovery of the habitat that was typical of the area before the start of diamond mining. Alrosa (MCX: ALRS) - ALROSA reclaims over 4 mln sq m of industrial lands -- 24/7/
  4. noun the reclaiming of desert, marshy, or submerged areas or other wasteland for cultivation or other use. the act or process of reclaiming. the state of being reclaimed.
  5. Apr 19,  · Reclamation is the right to reclaim property in the event of non-payment, fraud or other irregularities. Reclamation in the financial context generally refers to the right to demand a .
  6. Synonyms & Antonyms of reclamation the act or process of getting something back pumped water out of the field as part of the land reclamation program designed to provide farmers with more farmland.
  7. Reclamation is a piece of your heart and soul brought to life as the perfect dress. Reclamation is the honouring of history and all of the love and care bestowed upon this vintage and antique lace through a creative process that honours you as well. Reclamation is .
  8. Apr 25,  · The Projects and Facilities Database includes information on the major Reclamation dams, as well as the Reclamation powerplants and projects. It does not include information on some of the smaller diversion dams. Some recreational areas at Reclamation facilities are managed by the National Park Service.
  9. Reclamation 1. The right of a seller to repossess property from a buyer when the buyer does not pay. For example, if someone buys widgets on credit and does not make payments according to the agreed-upon arrangement, the seller has the right to reclaim the widgets and assume ownership once again.

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